Animal House of Bainbridge, LLC


Grooms : $40 & Up Depending on size of dog and condition of coat

Grooming includes: Full Haircut, bath, nails, clean ears, express anal glands, finishing spray, bows or bandanna if requested

Clean up/Mini-Groom: $25 & Up

Clean up includes: Bath, nails, clean ears, express anal glands and trim of face, feet & sanitary area. Includes finishing spray, bows or bandanna.

Bath & nails only: 

Small dogs: $12  Large Dpgs: $25 (Depending on condition of coat) May be additional charge for de-matting

Nails only: Small/medium dpgs - $8  Large - $10

Buffing of nails: $2 extra charge

Boarding Services:

Small Dogs & Cats - $10 per night

Large dogs (50 lbs & over) - $15 per night

Discount given to families that have 2 or more pets (must live in the same household). See staff for details


All pets that receive ANY service at the Animal House must be up to date on all vaccinations. We must have paperwork in the file showing that all records are current.